Creeping into the Light


Hello, hi, hi-there, salutations, and hello once more. This is the ‘first’ post of Crib Sheet, the blog by Chaleur Press’ editors. If you’re here from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, thank you so much for swiping over. If you’ve chanced upon this site and are a bit confused, please keep reading as I am to answer some important questions.

  1. What is Chaleur Press?

    Elementary, my dear, we are a literary press! If not, we certainly are on our way to becoming one. We’re a band of casual and serious writers, critical and goofy readers, and all-around book gluttons. Some of us have experience in the independent publishing space and seek to make some alterations.

  2. Why Crib Sheet?

    Because now you know what we’re thinking! A little bit less guesswork if you’re an author looking for a suitable home for your book. Crib Sheet features some of our random thoughts, interests, reviews of work that astound us. Basically, it’s a cheat sheet for what ruffles our britches.

  3. Can I steal ideas from Crib Sheet?

    YUP! That’s the other reason Crib Sheet exists: to inspire future writers we hope to publish. If anything on this site births a new, different book please consider us for god-parenthood. We are absolutely smitten by novel newborns. (BTW: We regularly post about what books we wish existed under #BooksWeWantToRead on Twitter. It’s an extreme wish-list, we know, but our fingers are crossed that it inspires new stories.)

  4. How do I get updated about new posts?

    Oh, there are so many ways to keep up with us. Take your pick:

    Why not be thorough and do all of that? Crib Sheet is flexible and fluid so we don’t hold to a strict schedule. You’ll hear from us when you hear from us. 

Welcome again! Hope you choose to stay, hope you choose to snoop around. Maybe one day you’ll make us a godparent :)

Perry Asibey-Bonsu