We believe providing affordable resources to new and established writers is in accordance with our “Publish the People” philosophy. We offer a meticulous editing service designed to strengthen pre-publication manuscripts. For a flat rate of $200, we guarantee a dedicated editor will attend to your manuscript with respect for the hard work you’ve invested in it. We require a $35 down-payment towards the service fee when you submit your manuscript, and you pay the remainder when our work is done.

We are currently accepting pre-publication, in-progress, or complete manuscripts that are 65,000 words or fewer (For manuscripts above our below by 10,000 words or more, please use our contact form for a custom price quote). Our editors deliver the following:

  • General copyediting for typos, spelling, and basic grammatical errors

  • Assessment of story structure and character development

  • Basic content research (e.g. fact-checking locations, historical events, real-world details)

  • What the Reader is Thinking Summaries: Chapter-by-chapter summaries assessing the progression of the narrative

  • Questions Raised: Identification of plot holes, scenes, and other story attributes that may benefit from elaboration

  • Potential recommendation to managing editors for publication by Chaleur Press

Manuscripts submitted are placed in our Editing Queue and writers are routinely updated on our progress. Our Queue has an average turn-around time of 30 days.