What genres do you publish?


We are open to content submitted under General Fiction/Literature, but we are specifically interested in the following genres:

  • Historical Fiction/Alternate History

  • Realistic Fiction

  • Poetry

We currently do not consider work in Fantasy or Young Adult genres.


We are open to content submitted under General Non-Fiction, but we are specifically interested in the following genres:

  • Memoir

  • Essays (book-length collection)

  • Comparative Politics

We currently do not consider work in the Academic Research genre.

How is Chaleur Press affiliated with Chaleur Magazine?

Chaleur Magazine is a publication owned and operated by Chaleur Press. A good amount of our engagement with the literary and artistic communities is facilitated through the publication.

Why do you charge submission fees?

Small, independent publishers often use submission fees to help keep the lights on and fund ambitious projects. Book proposals and submissions to our anthology series are accepted with a small reading fee, this helps us manage operating costs and offer appropriate compensation to the creators who contribute to our anthologies.

How does your manuscript submission process work?

Our 2019 reading period was from February 22, 2019 - April 30, 2019. Writers interested in publishing their work with Chaleur Press or pitching their book concepts must complete the following:

  • Write a proposal according to Press guidelines

  • If applicable: prepare a 10-page sample according to Press guidelines

  • Prepare an up-to-date resume according to Press guidelines

  • Submit resume, proposal, sample, and submission fee via Submittable

View Press guidelines on submitting manuscripts here.

Do you ever solicit authors for manuscripts?

YES. We often receive recommendations of writers to keep track of from Chaleur Magazine. We occasionally send solicitations to those who have submitted work to past and current issues. Whether or not submitted work is accepted to Chaleur Magazine has limited impact on whether a writer will be solicited.

Do you pay authors an advance?

NO, we currently do not pay out advances. If we determine that we can provide a suitable home for an author’s work, we cover the costs of editing, formatting, cover design, distribution, and promotion to give a book the best chance of success. Outside of our submission fees, we do not charge our authors for any part of the publishing process. Authors are paid royalties based on book sales as outlined in their contracts.

Do I need to have an agent to be considered for publication?

NO. Since many first-time authors do not have representation, we do not require this for your work to be considered for publication. We prefer to speak directly with you anyway.