What genres do you publish?


We are open to content submitted under General Fiction/Literature, but we are specifically interested in the following genres:

  • Historical Fiction/Alternate History

  • Realistic Fiction

  • Science Fiction

  • Poetry

  • Thriller/Suspense

  • Mystery

We currently do not consider work in Fantasy or Young Adult genres.


We are open to content submitted under General Non-Fiction, but we are specifically interested in the following genres:

  • Memoir

  • Biography

  • Essays (book-length collection)

  • Comparative Politics

We currently do not consider work in the Academic Research genre.

How is Chaleur Press affiliated with Chaleur Magazine?

Chaleur Magazine is a publication owned and operated by Chaleur Press. A good amount of our engagement with the literary and artistic communities is facilitated through the publication. The magazine is one of our efforts to give back to communities as its print issues function as fundraisers for non-profit organizations.

When do you begin accepting manuscript submissions?

Our reading period for manuscripts begin February 21, 2019. More details about our manuscript selection process will be made available at the start of the reading period.

Do you ever solicit authors for manuscripts?

YES. We often receive recommendations of writers to keep track of from Chaleur Magazine. We occasionally send solicitations to those who have submitted work to past and current issues. Whether or not submitted work is accepted to Chaleur Magazine has limited impact on whether a writer will be solicited.

Do you provide editorial feedback for submissions?

YES. The earlier you submit your work for consideration during our reading periods, the more in-depth feedback we are able to provide for your work. Please be advised that feedback should not be taken as an empirical evaluation of your work, all our editors are imperfect and opinionated human beings.

Do I need to have an agent to be considered for publication?

NO. Since many first-time authors do not have representation, we do not require this for your work to be considered for publication. We prefer to speak directly with you anyway.

What is the Editing Queue?

The Editing Queue is the order in which manuscripts are received by the Editors’ Desk for editing. To keep the cost of the service low and turn-around times reliable, a limited amount of slots in the Queue are made available. After submitting their down-payment and manuscript, writers are informed via email of their manuscript’s position in the Queue. The Queue has an estimated turn-around time of 30 days.

My manuscript is longer than 40,000 words, can I still submit it to the Editing Queue?

NO. Our current resources do not allow us to complete a thorough and timely review of manuscripts longer than 40,000 words. Writers with manuscripts longer than 40,000 words can submit them to the Queue in sections and our editors will identify them as parts of the same work. Writers should be aware they will have to pay the $200 service fee for each section, as well as separate $35 down-payments.