Chaleur Press’ 2019 Reading Period is from February 22, 2019 to April 30, 2019 (Ending early due to high submission volume). We are open to book proposals from new and established indie writers. For information on what we publish, please view our FAQ page.

All writers must submit a resume that does not exceed 2 pages. We are interested in the most recent professional and creative experiences. Resumes must be formatted with 12-point Times New Roman font on 8.5" x 11" pages.


Chaleur Press considers incomplete or complete manuscripts, as well as book concepts during the reading period. Book proposals should be written as letters addressed to the editors of Chaleur Press. The following must be addressed in the proposal (sub-headings are recommended):

The Material
Write a brief, but specific, summary of the work. If it is a work of fiction, describe major characters, themes, and events. Write along the lines of a description that would accompany a book’s listing in a distributor’s catalog. The last sentence must indicate whether this work is in planning, progress, or has been completed.

The Inspiration
How and why did this work come to be? Describe the moments, thoughts, or content that inspired the work. Write honestly on the origin of the work.

The Voice
Describe how the work cannot be duplicated. Explain how the work is unique compared to what is currently on the market and cite examples (Title, Author Name, Publication Year).

The Reader
Describe the target audience and include predictions about the reception of the work. Is the target audience currently seeking out this work?

The Numbers
What is the current word-count of the work? What is the predicted word-count of a completed draft? How long has the work been in development?

Proposals for all completed works and works progress must include a sample. Samples must be 10 pages, no more and no less, and formatted according to the following guidelines:

Documents must be formatted with double-spacing, 1-inch margins, and 12-point Times New Roman or Courier font on 8.5" x 11" pages. DO NOT include images, illustrations, or graphics.

Samples may not include acknowledgements or a Letter From the Author. Introductions are permitted but may not compose more than 3 pages of the sample.

Proposals for completed works or works in progress submitted without a sample will be discarded. Proposals with samples that are significantly less than 10 pages will be discarded. Sample content that exceeds the 10 page limit will not be read.

After all the required documents are received and reviewed, an official letter will be sent. Response times may vary. Writers should query communications@chaleurpress.com if they have not received a response 2 months after submitting their proposal.

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