The year of our debut. We invite anyone to submit content for consideration to any of our three flagship anthologies: Welcome to the Internet, And My Mother Cried, and Bespoke Bones (working titles). Our invitation is a challenge for writers to pull from their guts something honest, raw, and even alien to themselves.


Welcome to the Internet

Follow by follow, character by character, we are becoming an increasingly connected species. The Internet and its kitten-loving and meme-trading communities have on- and off-screen impact on our lives. Welcome to the Internet invites personal reflection and critique of the digital age.


And My Mother Cried

Imagine a world without beings powerful enough to grieve? There is pain that swallows light and warmth, and pain armored for century-long wars. And My Mother Cried invites poets to provide lessons in the harvest and weaponization of sorrow.


Bespoke Bones

The past rarely remains silent, especially when the unrestful present disturbs its graves. How have we deluded ourselves into thinking escape from the wombs of our history and culture is found in modernity? Bespoke Bones invites experiences and thoughts of ghosts made flesh.